Weber Genesis S-330 Grill Review

The Weber genesis s 330 is the best selection of grills on the market. It has 3 stainless-steel burners with individual electronic ignition system. This comes with 2 heavy-duty front locking, back swivel casters and  6 tool hooks. It has stainless steel enameled along with  center-mounted thermometer and same metal  doors and handles. It is silver color and length is 30 inches, height is  64.5 inches and lastly width is 64 inches.

This is exceptionally packaged and you can easily assemble this to read the instruction. This Weber Genesis s-330 is available and if you are in the USA then just given an order at It will be reached to you within a few moments.


Weber Genesis S-330

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This Weber genesis s 330 is the best grill in 2014. For many customers it has better features is the sea burner which helps to heat up the grill much faster and gives high temperatures suitable for baking. It has been noticed that ratio of heat is very easy to control and cooking is also very easy  with direct or indirect heat. Though the cook box, covering and other parts are high quality but its cabinet sides and back are made of ordinary painted metal . As a result of these parts as rust if the grill is out in the rain.


  • Efficient  design which keeps heat better
  • Solid construction of durable parts
  • Weber Support
  • Sear burner gives extremely high temperature capability
  • Suitable configuration
  • It has  an extra 10,000 BTU burner on the left side of the grill.
  • This Genesis s  300 series is the flavorizer bar system which is made of stainless-steel  and adding flavor to the grilled foods
  • Efficient and quick heating
  • Provides higher heat control
  • Its permit direct and indirect heat for cooking
  • Its some parts are made of painted sheet metal,  but not stainless steel
  • Expensive


  • Low quality of stainless steel throughout
  • Slower preheat times
  • Difficult setup
  •  Side metal gets too hot
  • The main burner takes longer to preheat than more powerful grills
  • The sear burner  set is only on the left side of the grill.

Last but not least this Weber Genesis S-330 grill stand out is its quality. It is one of the best grills in 2014 around and worth the price. It is made of durable stainless steel and cast aluminum. 3 years  to change the burner design and 10 year warranty almost everything in this grill. So you  can rely on it to last for at least a decade. And its a  great grill that you can  recommend to any people for shop at Best of Luck.