Weber Genesis S-310 Grill Review – October 2015

Weber Genesis S-310 Gas Grill

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You can say the Weber Genesis s-310 occupied the leading  position in the world. In other words, this is a show stopper in the world and flourish its superiority in every angle. This genesis grill carries on its tradition . It has a spacious cooking area and top notch engineering  system.

This  grill works very nicely–with the 3 burners  and you can easily get the internal temp over 500 degrees and steaks, fish, and burgers burn quickly. Weber Genesis s-310 gas grill comes with 38,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners and well structured like a  dual layer hood with double vaporization system for heat maintenance.This is very strong  and  the best grill in the market.


Generally, I will say  Weber Genesis S-310 is so much popular because  of its stand out is its quality .This is basically as same as the Genesis E-310. It has stainless steel body panels ,lid, same metal rod cooking grates and vaporization bars. Apparently the stainless steel edition isn’t going to cook any better than its more colorful cousin, and users  experience this one won’t last any longer than that one. You will not be looser to buy this as after 3 years you can change the burner design and as well as every part of this grill. And 10 year warranty overall. Some  customers using this since 15 years  without face any problem.But every product have some demerits also. Here explaining its merits /demerits in details:


  • This stainless will be lasting longer
  • It has Weber’s unique flavorizer bars to add flavor to your meal.
  • Efficient heat design
  • Rock-hard construction of durable parts
  • Weber Support
  • Its porcelain-enameled covering is durable and survive the elements very well
  • This Weber genesis s-310  shipped with  a grill cover which will protect your grill from rain , shine or elements.
  • Its doors has been also built with stainless steel.
  • It shipped and reached  the user house  very quickly within 3 days of ordering
  • Very well packaged in the box
  • Easy to use and instructions are clear that any once understand this


  • Its stainless steel sometimes built with  low grades
  • Not extraordinarily better than the E-Series Genesis grills
  • Slower preheat times
  • It shipped  in a box factory disassembled into a bunch of parts   and to take so long times for assembling  this

So reviewing its advantages and disadvantages you cannot find its bad side and some disadvantages like assembling , which is not the major issue.Overall this product performance is  unbelievable and fantastic.Weber Genesis s-310 has also a lifetime guarantee almost. So you can buy this blindly at