Masterbuilt 20077515 Electric Digital Smoker

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Masterbuilt 20077515 Front Controller Electric Smoker with Window and RF Controller, 30-Inch.

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Masterbuilt 20077515 Electric Digital Smoker Features
Technology has leapfrogged today’s generation and everything is transmogrifying at an alarming rate. The society is undergoing change in every realm, every day. Look around yourself and you will find everything fast paced and technology driven.

So, to keep up with the modern pace and make our lives more comfortable and easier, adapting with the change seems to be an apt solution. It is rightly said, “Variety is the spice of life and changing with the change is the art of life”.

Hence, bolstering the change would not only transform our lives but would also have a direct positive benefit on it. So what to wait for? Just accept this metamorphosis and go with the flow. So, what change are we referring here? It’s in the way we cook food.

Yes, you heard it right!! Presenting the all new Electrical Digital Smoker – 20077515, which makes your routinely days fuss free and your occasional nights momentous.

Excess Light? No Problem

The most captivating feature of this Electrical Digital Smoker – 20077515, is the blue LED Light installed in the device, which aids in easy viewing in case of direct sunlight.

Hence, afternoon celebrations are no longer a concern as you have direct control over the settings and you can prepare your food with utmost confidence and minimal errors. The food would deliver the taste as you had expected.

Circulating Murkier Aroma

This new model has incorporated numerous features to facilitate and ameliorate user experience. It has introduced a new feature called drip deflector and drip pan in addition to a locking door, which would help entrap the moisture and the murkier aroma inside the smoker.

This trapped mixture along with the heat and smoke would add a natural fragrance to the food resulting in an enticing and a titillating experience.

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Masterbuilt 20077515 Electric Digital Smoker Pros & Cons


  • Better Insulation – This model – 20077515, has a better insulation than most of its counterparts. It has full foam insulation for a continuous supply of heat, which in turn would generate smoke and prepare food gradually.
  • Reliable and easy usage – One gets quite familiar with its usage with just one stop. Moreover, the user has all controls and can alter them as and when needed. The quantity and temperature of heat and smoke are well documented and are quite handy. Moreover, the size of the smoker is quite convenient and cleanup too doesn’t require much effort. Isn’t it a time, space and effort savior?
  • A Perfect Gift – With all the features, it’s just a magic bullet and a perfect gift who loves to smoke meat. Moreover, it’s quite facile to assemble and reassemble its parts. All you have to do is read the instructions cautiously, place the food on the racks, set the temperature and the timer and there you go on a nonchalant reverie of your own!! What an exciting journey!!


  • Longevity of the Kitchenware – A short lifespan is a factor many consider before making a purchase. It can impede the sales of an appliance and have a direct impact on its profit. Certain cases have come up regarding the limited lifespan of this model and the non-uniform heating problems. A proper and a thorough check should be made before finalizing any purchases and should have at least a bird’s view of the customer services provided by the company.
  • Overpriced – The price of an appliance is decided after reviewing all the functionalities provided by it and in order to cover all the costs incurred in its inventory. Every coin has two faces. If you look at it in terms of the beneficiaries, the cost would be appropriate for you, but in cases where people have found its quality and design poor, the price is appropriately addressed as ‘extravagant’.

bottom-lineEvery appliance or any modern machinery has some strengths and limitations. Be it a human error or any technical glitch, every machine lacks in some or the other features. There are always extreme sides to any decision.

If you want to have a stress-free cooking, you will have to compromise on its usage. If you find the kitchenware exorbitant, you would have to use some cheaper hardware for serving the purpose, but that might not do justice with the quality of food as expected.

Hence, there should be some tradeoff between these extremities. People should be unprejudiced and solely base their decision of the purchase on their family needs and requirements. If you have more members in your household, your guest list would automatically step up and thereby increase the family reunions or similar occasions.

In that case, your usage of the kitchenware unambiguously would rise, decreasing your machine’s lifespan. On the other hand, for a small family, their usage might be limited to twice or thrice times, but they might find some malfunctions in the appliance, thus concluding the device to be overpriced or on a positive note, they find it to be working well with all the details in check.

Thereby, for investing your money in a good product, a thorough research is the need of the hour. That would not only help you to take a wise decision but would also save you from any future rues and complaints.