Top Wireless Meat Thermometer Reviews – Updated June 2016

Looking for the best wireless meat thermometer?

We live in a world where technology is constantly growing and spreading. Many people consider the growth of it just by thinking of new phones, computers and machines- but what about essentials? A kitchen is a place where many of us spend  most of the time of a day. Cooking, baking and preparing food usually take us a lot of time. Time is always a key- can we keep it safe?

Each year, there is not just an enormous amount of money wasted on overcooked food, but also the large number of people who are dealing with some of food borne illnesses and “stomach flu”-there is no such thing, only a bacteria! And it can all be prevented by proper cooking!

In addition to prevent and improve your health there is technology to help you. There are almost always no chances to make sure that a perfect steak is ready or even perfectly made just by looking at it or briefly poking it.  The resistance of the steak depends on what cut of meat you are using, the grade of it, its thickness, the age of the steer, also the breed. So, how do we know when the steak is ready-to-go?
Well, the truth is lying in chef’s pocket! Or even yours, it’s your decision.  Many of best cooks use wireless thermometers! Once you spend money on a good thermometer you are on your way to reducing the risk of spending money on ruined food later! Here are top seven thermometer suggestions for you to make decision.

ThermoPro TP-07

You don’t need to stand next to steak to make sure it is ready. Its 300ft range wireless receiver beeps and flashes when meat temperature reaches your programmed temperature. The color of the screen depends on the different temperature it receives. However, there is not a wide color range of display (Receiver Display Size: 1.5”x1.3”; Transmitter Display Size: 1”x0.55”), only three colors appear. And it depends on the cooking process. (Blue>green>red) There are also approved temperature for all kinds of meat-beef, veal, chicken, pork, lamb, fish. It also tells you whether  the meet is rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well done. Once the countdown or count up timer on the device is done with counting, you can hear the alarm or set it to automatic shut off. The temperature range goes from 16°F to 482°F (-9°C to 250°C).

ThermoPro TP-11

In the family of color changing displays (Receiver Display Size: 1.5×1.3 inches. Transmitter Display Size: 1×0.5 inches), there is also this device. The color range is similar to other devices (blue>green>red), remote range also (up to 300ft), the temperature settings depend on the type of meat and your taste- you can programme your settings manually! (Temperature Range: 16˚F to 482˚F (-9˚C to 250˚C); Temperature Accuracy: ±1.8˚F (±1˚C) from 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C). Its transmitter has wire to either hook on oven door or use as a stand. The device has the perfect function in measuring internal meat temperature and you can never miss it- it beeps.

ThermoPro TP09

The device perfectly allows you to stay mobile and even 300ft away from it. There is a belt clip which is excellent for caring it with yourself. Even though you might forget you are wearing it, it beeps and changes colors of its display (LCD Display Size: 1.3 x 1.3 inches (34 x 33 mm) when your meat is just as you wished for. It includes the timer and a setting just for you cooking skills-for both experienced people and those who are knew in the kitchen there are USDA approved temperatures (Temperature Range: 16°F to 482°F (-9°C to 250°C); temperature Accuracy: ±1°F (±1°C) from 32 to 212°F (0 to 100°C) ) and doneness levels.


This device can be found in two colors: black and white. Its dimensions (7.3 x 2 x 4 inches) and a belt clip allow you to to stay 90ft (30m) away from the place where you are cooking. It’s not waterproof, so the advice is to keep it away from water. It is perfect for ovens and grills, but can’t be used for microwave ovens. Most of the costumers agreed that its fast temperature reading and range (32°F to 482ºF (0ºC to 250°C) give the best complete satisfaction.

Famili OT008

Perfect for big families who like to spend time together rather than staying in front of an oven while their meet is cooking- receiver will flash and beep when meat temperature goes above the programmed temperature (32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C). With high accuracy: 1°F/°C resolution ). You can set it manually and easy. All information needed can be found on the display (bright and easy to see even in low conditions) including both food and BBQ temperature. The device’s count up and count down function gives you peace, while you’re not around it. There is a belt clip too, which you can double so it becomes a pull out stand.

Inner-Chef IC-7

This device promises you a lifetime safety, easy and good cooking! If not, they give you your money back. Anyways, the device is perfect for those who are familiar with multi-tasking. While you are preparing some other food, it really does its job- it precisely tests your meet’s temperature (Temp Range 0°C-250°C (32°F-482°) and shows up within only 6 seconds if the meet is ready. It doesn’t matter if it is beef, lamb, pork, chicken or fish, your food can be rare, medium rare,medium, medium well or well done made.

LT Nichalo 

This fun and easy- to-deal-with device could become something that you’ve always wished for. Its modern design, bright LED screen which can be seen even at night, sounds perfect for those people who  like to enjoy their family time. It allows you to stay 100ft away from your food while you can manually set the temperature (Temperature range 32Fº – 482Fº/0Cº – 250Cº) for 8 types of food! This device finds perfect use for BBQ, grill, oven or smoker.

Whichever wireless thermometer you prefer or choose, make sure that it is just the type of product you are looking for. There are no better or worse thermometers- only better and worse purposes!