Basically Charcoal grill gives  the smoky flavor to food to make it attractive. Sometimes on the weekend,  day out  or hiking this charcoal grilling will give you an experience  which simply cannot explain. There is something about stoking the coals and  fire lightning that dig your mind deeply and back to you the old ancestor period.

You will see in the market, there are a lot of charcoal grills which offer many different features. But I have taken 5 best charcoal grills of 2014 which all are coming  with cheaper price and full functional grills. These are represented diversity of charcoal grill on the market.

Reviews of 5 Best Charcoal Grills 2014

Weber Smokey Joe Grills

Weber Smokey Joe Grill

Weber Smokey Joe Grills – Review

This Weber Smokey Joe grill  is perfect for cookouts, tailgate parties  and camping. You can travel by taking this anywhere. It has s 14-1/2-inch-diameter grate and at a time. It can cooks  three steaks  or twice as many burgers..

Product Features:

  • This is  an ideal portable grill for cookouts, camping and trailing.
  • Its glass reinforced nylon handles where you can easily to remove the lid as needed
  • Its  cooking grate comes with 14-1/2-inch diameter and it is triple nickel-plated
  • This porcelain enameled coating thwart rust and fading is so high.
  • This grill has 10-year  warranty

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Weber Performer Platinum Charcoal Grill

-Weber Performer Platinum Charcoal Grill

Weber Performer Platinum Charcoal Grill-Review

This  Performer Platinum Grill  has  an exclusive Touch-N-Go gas ignition system which catches fire charcoal briquettes with the push of a button. It has an LCD countdown cook timer with a large readout that attaches to the grill. You can easily detach if you’d prefer to take it inside or keep it with you. Storage options are plentiful with the Char Bin storage container which protects your charcoal from the elements.

Product Features:

  • 22.5-inch diameter porcelain enameled bowl
  • Its cover the cooking area of 363 square inches
  • Electronic touch
  • Aluminized steel and one touch cleaning system
  • Removable high-capacity and  aluminum ash catcher
  • Ste up LCD cook timer and fixed lid thermometer

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Yakatori Charcoal Grill

– Fire Sense Small Yakatori Charcoal Grill

Fire Sense Small Yakatori Charcoal Grill Review

This has been discovered by the Japanese. The Small Yakatori Charcoal Grill is a genuine Japanese table BBQ. Handmade using soil, the Yakatori Grill radiates heat, makes a juicier and tenderer meal.

Product Features:

  • Handmade clay construction
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Large cooking surface
  • Item model number is 60449
  • Shipped separately from other items in your order

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Charcoal Grill

Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill

New Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill-Review

This Weber’s 121020 Go-anywhere charcoal grill allows you to go any places and makes your camping and tailgate enjoyment. It’s large enough to fit four medium steaks. This grill lid hangers  allow and you to create an effective barrier against the wind.

Product Features:

  • This charcoal grill makes a nice companion for camping and tailgate parties
  • Its  porcelain enameled coating prevents rust and fading
  • This grill gives 160-square-inches of cooking
  • Packed in  nicely for shipped

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Notebook Portable Grill

-Fire Sense Hotspot Notebook Portable Grill

Fire Sense Hotspot Notebook Portable Grill - Review

The Notebook Grill is the perfect portable charcoal grill. This is  British design. Its nice design allows this unit to stand 14.18 inches and after that fold flat to one inch in seconds. Built with  high heat resistant painted steel and  this powerful grill folds flat to create its own carrying case.

Product Features:

  • Simple, two-step set up
  • 14.18-inch height once fully assembled
  • Folding  flat to 1 inch for easy transport
  • Unique design

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So I guess you have gathered some idea by screaming the above review. Charcoal grilling is great I think.  It  gives you the most flavorful food you will ever find. This is the best use of the outdoors, hunting, fishing and trailing. And all the best charcoal grill you can get from as all five which have described are best outdoor charcoal grill in 2014. One more request, to share this review with your friends, co-workers as definitely they might search for this. Best of luck.